Antony Gormley

About Antony Gormley

Born in London in 1950, Antony Gormley is a sculptor whose work with the human form transcends literal representation, broaches weighty philosophical issues, and questions perception and the nature of being. Made of iron, lead, terra-cotta, or concrete, all materials that hold a memory of the forces that molded them, his cast figures are always presented in existential scenarios, in rooms or clearings that, although largely empty, feel like densely occupied space. Drawing presents the artist with an alternative method of exploring his ideas, a liberating, playful practice that more readily evidences the artist’s wit and ingenuity. Gormley has exhibited his sculptures and drawings extensively throughout the world, including shows in Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the former Soviet Union, and throughout Europe and the U.S. His installation, Field, first created in 1989, completed a worldwide tour in 1995. Gormley has created several major public commissions in various parts of the world and had a solo exhibition of his work in Nagoya, Japan.