The Happening

Raise A Glass to Artpace

Celebrate 21 years of Artpace

We raised a glass to Artpace’s 21st Birthday at its annual fundraising event, The Happening, hosted by Co-chairs Anna Wulfe and Christopher C. Hill. The 21 Club Speakeasy Happening celebrated Artpace’s coming of age with drinking, dining, and dancing ‘til dawn.


Artpace was proud to honor Fairfax Dorn and Virginia Lebermann, the visionary founders of Ballroom Marfa, who have worked to elevate Texas and Texas artists in the international contemporary art arena. Dorn and Lebermann transformed a 1920s-era dancehall into a dynamic, contemporary cultural arts space where varied perspectives and issues are explored through visual arts, film, music, and performance.

Fairfax Dorn Headshot
Fairfax Dorn, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Ballroom Marfa, was born in San Antonio and concentrated on painting and art history at the University of Texas at Austin. She co-founded the Marfa Dialogues, an inclusive public forum that utilizes art to address social issues.

Ms. Dorn served as Guest Curator and Interim Program Director for the Linda Pace Foundation and currently serves on several boards, including the Judd Foundation, Triple Canopy, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Centre Pompidou Foundation.

Virginia Lebermann Headshot
Virginia Lebermann, Co-founder and President of Ballroom Marfa, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Middlebury College and attended the New York University Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing. Ms. Lebermann, a principal of T.C. Oil Co. and O’Connor Investments, oversees Wexford Cattle Company and Wexford Publishing, in Victoria, Texas and is the managing partner of the Marfa-based Thunderbird Hotel. She has served on numerous boards and councils including the Chinati Foundation, Dia Art Foundation, Harry Ransom Center, National Public Radio Foundation, Texas Nature Conservancy, River Pierce Foundation, University of Texas Press, University of Texas McDonald Observatory, and the Charles Moore Foundation.

The 2016 happening was generously supported by

Christopher C. Hill, Co-Chair
Anna Wulfe, Co-Chair

Host Committee
Lee Anthony and J. Travis Capps, Jr.
Nate Cassie
Miguel and Gloria Steves Dilley
Janet Lennie Flohr
Alice and Eric Foultz
Adrianne Frost
Sue Graze
Triana and Brandon Grossman
Harry and Eleanor Halff
Heather Haynes
Britt and Cardo Kleberg
Jeanne Klein
Isaac Julien
Rick Liberto
Lee Evans Lee
Lawrence Markey
Roy McMakin
Lisa Mount
Melissa and Kelton Morgan
Chris and Emilie Petty
Dario Robleto
JB and Corinna Holt Richter
Patricia Ruiz-Healy
Ramiro and Xitlalt Herrera-Salazar
Jennifer and Bob Shemwell
Kim Azar Shepperd
Cynthia Toles
Holly Tupper
John Walter
Gene and Sonya Medina Williams
Alice and Clark Welder

Speakeasy Friendraiser Sponsors
Christie’s Houston
Stephan Farber
Deutsche Bank
La Cantera Hill Country Resort
Lawrence Markey Gallery

Table Sponsors
21 Club Supreme
Christopher C. Hill/AnaPaula and Mark Watson
Todd and Anna Wulfe/Rick Liberto/Ricos

Cotton Club
Alston Beinhorn and Holly Tupper
Suzanne Deal Booth
Joseph David Diaz

Blind Tiger
Zach and Lee Evans Lee
Bruce and Janet Flohr
Lee Anthony and J. Travis Capps, Jr.
Jeanne and Michael Klein
Linda Pace Foundation

Bathtub Gin
Fred Battah
Dos Carolinas
Katy and Ted Flato
Cynthia Toles/Sue Graze
Miguel and Gloria Steves Dilley/Triana and Brandon Grossman
Jack and Lindsay Guenther
Harry and Eleanor Halff
Juan and Patricia Ruiz Healy/South Texas Money Management
Michael and Candace Humphreys
Luther King Capital Management
Neiman Marcus
Adrianne Frost/Kim Azar Shepperd/Melissa and Kelton Morgan
Silver Eagle
Valero Energy Foundation
Alice and Clark Welder/Emilie and Christopher Petty/Heather Haynes
Fairfax Dorn and Marc Glimcher in honor of Artpace Alumni Artists

Cocktail Hour Speakeasies
The Esquire
Casa Dragones Tequila
Bar 1919

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