Art and Education Intersect at Artpace

Art and Education Intersect at Artpace

Before joining Artpace this summer as the Graduate Intern, I had probably met a handful of contemporary artists and I certainly had never interviewed one. Through this opportunity I had the pleasure of conducting and filming interviews with each of Artpace’s Summer 2014 International Artists-in-Residence.

Each Artpace artist sits down with our education staff for interviews, sharing everything from the inspiration for their work, to behind-the-scenes details. We film the interviews, upload them to iPads, and use them as supplemental materials for our educational tours.

We filmed the Summer 2014 International Artist-in-Residence interviews on the afternoon of the opening, right after the artists led walkthroughs of their spaces with guests and Artpace staff.

The most playful part of our conversations was when the artists were prompted to ask the audience a question. There is little that gets a group of ten-year-olds more excited during a tour than hearing an artist ask them for their opinion on something and the artists were just as tickled to come up with a question to ask.

After a few days of editing, the videos were loaded and ready to go just in time for our first tour of the new exhibitions, which also happened to be my first opportunity to lead a tour solo. Students loved the questions they were asked by the artists. My group debated about the different aspects of how and why to build a cabin in the forest in Kader Attia’s (Berlin, Germany; Algiers, Algeria) exhibition, reflected on their experiences through Jungeun Lee’s (Frisco, Texas) fabric tunnel, and challenged their thinking about what the characteristics of a solider are in Margarent Meehan’s (Dallas, Texas) exhibition.

These videos encouraged students to think about art as an element in their everyday lives, connecting the exhibitions with their own experiences.

-Kim, Summer 2014 Graduate Intern

Current exhibitions are on view through September 14, 2014

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