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About Hare & Hound Press + Artpace

Hare & Hound Press + Artpace: The Art of Collaboration, celebrates Artpace’s 20th year, and is made possible by a generous gift of works by Hare & Hound Press to the Linda Pace Foundation and with support from the Linda Pace Foundation. The gift will increase the number of artworks in the Linda Pace Foundation’s collection from 620 to approximately 800. Artpace and the Linda Pace Foundation, while separate organizations, were both founded by the late Linda Pace (1945-2007), to foster the appreciation and advancement of contemporary art. Artpace, is renowned for its International Artist-in-Residence program, funded in part by the Linda Pace Foundation, which invites artists from around the world to live and work at Artpace, while creating new works of art.

“The Linda Pace Foundation is proud of our relationship with Hare & Hound Press, which over the years has assisted many artists from all over the world who have participated in Artpace’s phenomenal artist residency program,” said Foundation Vice President, Jan Jarboe Russell. Works by former Artpace resident artists, including Arturo Herrera, Shahzia Sikander, Teresita Fernandez, and Chuck Ramirez, represent a portion of the Linda Pace Foundation’s collection of paintings, sculpture, installations, and videos, including many pieces acquired in the year in which they were created.

The Hare & Hound Press gift adds depth to the Foundation’s collection and will include Wangechi Mutu’s series titled Histology of the Different Classes of Uterine Tumors from 2005-2006 and numerous production prints from films owned by the Foundation of Isaac Julien, such as Baltimore, Paradise (Omeros), and Long Road to Mazatlan.

“Hare & Hound Press has been in the business of helping artists realize their visions in various print media for 22 years. It has been our pleasure and privilege to have worked with many Artpace artists over the years. In some cases we printed unique works for their exhibitions at Artpace, and in other cases we printed editions of their works. It is our printer’s proofs from those editions that are being exhibited in the Hudson (Show) Room starting January 15, 2015 in honor of Artpace’s 20th anniversary, and in honor of my friend Linda Pace. Her Foundation, which is carrying on her support of contemporary art, is the perfect institution for our gift of printer’s proofs since it will enhance their collection of works by many of the same artists,” said Janet Flohr of Hare & Hound Press.

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