Leni Hoffmann

Leni Hoffmann

  • Nürnberg, Germany
Artpace Exhibitions

About Leni Hoffmann

Leni Hoffmann, who lives and works in Nürnberg Germany, has shown her work throughout Europe and Australia.  Her Artpace residency is her first installation in the United States.  She made her first visit to San Antonio in 1995 ago during a tour of this country made possible by an artist’s grant from the German government.  After a brief stay at Artpace, the artist laid plans for her installation.

Hoffmann makes art by reinventing the architecture of a gallery, library or other environment as part of her finished work.  A similar installation by the artist, recently presented in Gallery 14 at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane Australia, was described by Timothy Morrell, the exhibition’s curator, in the accompanying catalogue:

This installation is… an absolute part of the existing architecture.  Although plasticine is applied to surfaces, no object has been added.  Individual elements of the design…are duplicated in a veneer of plasticine.  The monochrome interior is re-projected back onto itself in bright color…restating but subverting the original architectural logic.

The installed work is a highly tactile three-dimensional arrangement of surface treatments which surrounds the viewer.