Devon Dikeou’s “Pay what you wish, but you must pay something” now in the Artpace Archives

Artpace alum Devon Dikeou‘s (International Artist-in-Residence Spring 2011) work explores the relationship between participants in the arts, and her recent project, Pay what you wish, but you must pay something, is no different. NADA Miami Beach, which took place December 5-8, 2013, invited Dikeou to create this project, which included reproductions of 16 museums’ donations boxes interspersed throughout the art fair. In Dikeou’s booth, a reproduction of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s suggested admission prices is printed above several of the donation boxes, satirizing the financial balance struck between art institutions and their patrons. At the end of the fair, the donations collected in each box were sent to that institution, and Artpace has recently received the $10 collected in it’s box during the course of the fair. The funds, sealed in secure deposit bags, along with press about the project, are now included in the Artpace Archives, which are open to the public Wednesday – Friday 12-5pm.

Image credit: Mark Menjivar