Kim Morgan: Sigh (Fall 2016)

For her Artpace Project, SighKim Morgan (Fall 2016) focused her investigation on blood, of which she writes, “Blood is the material fabric of our life and therefore we have a profound and dynamic relationship to it. It has medical, social, and political meanings and consequences. Blood is woven into our language to define relationships (blood ties, blood feuds, blood brothers) and features in religious and pagan rituals. As a material, blood is complex, vibrant, valuable, and abject.”

For Sigh, Morgan printed a portrait of blood samples from her mother, partner, friends, students, and herself, onto a lightweight fabric and hung it across the room. The material has a translucency to it, making it more like a membrane or a skin than a curtain. But what is perhaps most striking is how it moves—the image breaths in the room, sighing and exhaling.

To learn more about Kim Morgan and her 2016 exhibition, visit the exhibition page here.