Artpace in London (part 2)

Artpace in London (part 2)

Our Studio Director, Riley Robinson, has finally returned from London with remaining chronicles of our friends at Frieze and the Artpace Alumni Reunion! As our group continued through the corridors of the Frieze Art Fair, more familiar faces showed up including Alums Cornelia Parker (Summer 1997 Artist in Residence) and Jeff McMillan, Jeremy Deller (Fall 2003 Artist in Residence), and Kon Trupkovich (Hudson (Show)Room Summer 2010).

Cornelia Parker and Jeff McMillan
Prototype for a Nonfunctional Satellite (Design 2, Build 1) created at Artpace by Trevor Paglen (Summer 2013 Artist in Residence)
Jeremy Deller talking about his work Memory Bucket to Artpace group
> Kon Trubkovich with Artpace Executive Director Amada Cruz and Board of Directors member Rick Liberto


After refueling and a long night’s rest, our group headed to Edel Assanti Gallery to catch up with Alum, Kelly Richardson (Spring 2011 Artist in Residence).

En route in London: Board of Directors members Chris Hill and Rick Liberto with Riley Robinson
Kelly Richardson showing new publication to Travis Capps, Amada Cruz, Janet Flohr, and Rick Liberto.
Kelly Richardson


Closing out our London adventure was our finale, the Artpace London Alumni Reunion hosted by Honorary Board of Directors member and IAIR Winter 1999/HSR Winter 2003 Alum, Isaac Julien, where family and friends, old and new, came together to reminisce and celebrate each other and the art of creating.

Viewing of Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves
Elly Hawley and Isaac Julien
Richard Grayson and Suzanne Treister
Elspeth and Graham Fagen
Mona Hatuom and Gerry Collins
Lee Anthony, Lori Dunlap, and Eileen Norton
Isaac Julien, Riley Robinson, Janet Flohr, Graham Fagen, and Chris Evans