Meet Visitor Relations Associate Christopher!

Get to know Artpace’s weekend Visitor Relations Associate, Christopher Breakell. Say hello to him the next time you visit Artpace for Taco Friday or during our weekend hours!

“When I first moved to San Antonio about three years ago, I started to visit art galleries and museums around town. I was talking to one of my professors about different art institutions in the city, and he said that I had to check out Artpace. Shortly after, I walked through Artpace’s door, and none other than the great Krystal Paul showed me around the galleries.
By the end of my first visit, I was captured by Artpace’s engaging mission, progressiveness and overall uniqueness, so I asked Krystal if there were opportunities for internships. She pointed me in the right direction, and I filled out an application to be an intern. I was fortunate enough to be accepted as an external affairs intern for the summer of 2013.
I really enjoyed my time as an intern and wanted to stay involved with artpace once my internship came to an end. I began working openings and special events as a gallery attendant. Eventually, I started gallery attending regularly with Matt Kubo on the weekends. Now, I am the Visitor Relations Associate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The weekend is a fun time to be at Artpace, because we are constantly getting visitors from out of town, who are excited to get the chance to experience Artpace. There are also a lot of visitors who stumble across Artpace when walking around downtown. Having the opportunity to welcome these new guests and explain artpace’s mission to them is both exciting and rewarding. I’m glad I’m here on the weekends to see both new and returning visitors’ joy and curiosity when they walk through Artpace’s galleries.”

-Christopher Breakell