Artpace's 3rd Annual Rooftop Brunch

Saturday, October 21, 2023 | 11AM-2PM
Artpace San Antonio 445 N. Main

On Saturday, October 21, Artpace will host its third annual Rooftop Brunch! Join us for a lovely and lively alfresco meal celebrating the sights, sounds, and tastes of la cocina Española!—followed by a private viewing of Artpace’s exhibitions with curators, artists, and Artpace staff.
This event provides much-needed support for Artpace’s exhibitions and programs, which have supported artists and delighted and engaged our community for more than 27 years.

Allen Barber

Dani Becknell and Charles McNab

Alexandra Cavazos

Kari Englehardt

Janet and Bruce Flohr

Anna-Brooke Gutzler

Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg

Rebecca and Willie Harte

Sarah Harte

Rick Liberto

Jo Chris Lopez

Sarah and David Meyers

Courtney Morris

Kate and Buddy Parsons

Cameron Redding

Patricia Ruiz-Healy

Shelby Sekaly

Sallie and Jonathon Schneider

Ethel Shipton and Nate Cassie

Caroline and Johnny Staudt

Ashley and George Timbrell

Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Co-Chair 

Caroline Staudt, Co-Chair

Cristina Peña Walls, Vice Chair

Hayley Cornelius Almaraz, Treasurer

Ceci Goldstone, Secretary

Leah Bennett

Nate Cassie

Alexandra Cavazos

Kari Englehardt

Rick Liberto

Jo Chris Lopez 

Larry Mendez 

Shokare Nakpodia 

Cruz Ortiz

Linda Pace †

Katie Pace Halleran 

Cameron Redding 

Eric Rodriguez 

Margo Sawyer 

Ray Smith

Lara Wells

Jeanne Klein, Founding Chair Emeritus 

Janet Lennie Flohr, Emeritus

Isaac Julien, Emeritus

Cynthia Toles, Emeritus

J. Travis Capps, Jr., Advisory

John Walter, Advisory

Mark E. Watson III, Advisory

Riley Robinson, Director