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From the Archive: Art Talks: Yoshua Okón

On June 28, 2016, Artpace hosted an Art Talk with Yoshua Okón, artist and curator. Okón was the Guest Curator for the Summer 2017 International Artist-in-Residence program. Okón also founded SOMA, a non-profit organization conceived to nurture discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary art and education in Mexico City. Okón also co-founded La […]


Autumn Knight Performance at Artpace

Spring 2015 Artist-in-Resident Autumn Knight performs at the opening for her exhibition, She think she Kawaii. In preparation for her residency at Artpace, Knight visited Japan. Knight told Artpace, “Essentially it sprung out of an interest in Japanese culture I’ve had for a long time. While there, I thought deeply about cultural co-option and appropriation […]


Keep Artpace Cool – Continued pt 4

WATCH OUR VIDEO So you’ve heard about how the malfunctioning a/c unit has affected our Artpace employees and visitors, but what about…the art!? Taylor, our Director of Programs & Exhibitions, tells us that there have been prior issues with moisture and humidity in some of the exhibition spaces, so special humidifiers had to be brought […]


Keep Artpace Cool – Continued pt 3

Here is a behind the scenes shot of our current a/c unit control panel (i.e.: heating, ventilation and air conditioning)…we warned you, it’s not pretty. Charlie, one of our most valuable studio technicians, shares with us that “The HVAC control unit is very temperamental, and often shorts out during events.” When this occurs, Charlie adjusts […]