Artpace Chalk It Up: Artists

Albert Gonzales

Albert Gonzales is a post-contemporary artist based in San Antonio, TX. He is heavily influenced by post- WWII artists like Jackson Pollock, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, but also draws inspiration from the masters like Henri Matisse and Van Gogh.  With this broad range of inspirations, Gonzales’s fine art approaches are visual experiments within composition, style, and technique.  

From abstraction to still life to portraits, his art can span multiple genres. With bold color palettes, his often “outrageous” paintings are fun and unpredictable. As a great commentator on his own art style, his showmanship brings forth the passion for his art and his need to create. His audience is able to see and feel his dearest dedication to craft. 


Anthony Dean-Harris

Anthony Dean-Harris  is a writer, artist, editor, radio personality, and whatever other interesting things he wanders into.

 His most recent visual works include the mural “Instructions for Use for Adapting to Our State of Constant Change (2020)” (in collaboration with Justin Parr) located at the corner of N. Presa & Houston St. and art direction in collaboration with SCOTCH! on Andrea
“Vocab” Sanderson’s “Jubilant and Exuberant… ” surrounding downtown Travis Park. 

Before the pandemic, he was the host of the modern jazz radio programs The Line-Up (Fridays at 9pm) and evölve (Saturdays at 3pm) on 91.7 FM KRTU San Antonio (and he looks forward to coming back when things are safe), as well as the former editor of the jazz blog Nextbop. Dean-Harris is also archivist & co-conspirator of FL!GHT Gallery. 

He grew up on the Eastside of San Antonio to make it all the way to living on the Southside of San Antonio.

Bárbara Miñarro

Bárbara Miñarro was born in Monterrey, Mexico and currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. As an artist influenced and making a life between two cultures, Miñarro’s work explores ideas of the body in migration. Her soft sculptures, installations, and paintings utilize the tactile memory of clothing, the earth, and the physical body to express the emotional journey of immigration. Miñarro has exhibited at various galleries including, Sweet Briar College, South Texas College, Blue Star Contemporary, and Artpace. Recently, she launched Breakfast Friend, a small-batch, hand-painted purse business out of her home studio in San Antonio, TX.

Charlie Morris

San Antonio artist Charlie Morris’s artistic practice involves politically nuanced, multi-media projects, which explore how technology, mass media, and territorial ownership inform our perceived understanding of our shared surroundings.

Most often, his encounters with objects and images are found serendipitously on walks, close to the street or trail, disregarding easier forms of transport. These materials often elicit metaphors, alluding to such concepts as power relations, territorial ownership, rampant consumerism, social angst, and environmental loss.

 For the past few years, Morris has been creating handmade, small edition photo books of his work in order to share these encounters with a broader audience.

Xavier Gilmore

Xavier Gilmore is an interdisciplinary artist and producer who works in sound, traditional mediums and collaborative performance. In his work he explores ideas on dissent, abstraction and social topography. He has exhibited regionally and internationally at Artpace, Lawndale Art Center, Museo Soumaya and the McNay among others. Gilmore holds a BFA from UTSA and studied at School of the Art Institute Chicago, and Universidad de Las Américas Puebla, Cholula, México.

Rudy Herrera

Rudy Herrera born in El Paso Texas in 1985. He left El Paso at the age of 9. My family is of native descent. Herrera spent his youth in El Paso and the surrounding area. When he moved to San Antonio it was a hard transition, but he would later embrace it as his home. he had left for some time but came back to the city, wanting to be one of the many success stories that inspired him. Today, Herrera still strives to push himself towards artistic endeavors and to put on for the 210.

Louis Vega Treviño

Louis Vega Treviño (b. 1972, San Antonio, Texas) attended San Antonio College in 1990 where he studied Architecture and Art before working with Kell Munoz Architects as a designer from 1992-2000. In 2000 – 2012, Trevino opened his studio space, Circle Infiniti, with artist, Ben Mata. Currently has a working studio at Hausmann buildings. Trevino has enjoyed numerous exhibits in San Antonio and around the United States, including New York, Chicago, Houston and Austin.   He has exhibited at Southwest School of Art, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, Unit B Gallery and Mexic-Arte Museum. Recently showed with Kenneth Noland, James Little and Cleve Gray at Rosenbaum Contemporary, “Color, Line, Form”. 

Trevino’s works on paper include drawings on museum board, post-it-notes, and over 60,000 cocktail napkins, which he has translated to a variety of media such as carpet and textile design by manipulating naturally formed geometric shapes to create innovative patterns.  Trevino’s line work is mesmerizingly precise, with bright, bold colors that capture and hold the viewer’s attention.  Giant sized versions of Trevino’s napkin designs are brought to life in the Kiosks of Main Plaza where each line is tangible and real. Trevino is also known for his oil on canvas “line” paintings that blur and merge color in almost perfect linear fashion.  He is obsessed with precision and color, both abundantly present in his drawings and paintings. 

Teen Council

The Artpace Teen Council is a nine-month, paid program designed for San Antonio area high school students to become advocates for contemporary art and young leaders in their community. Teen Council members work with artists and administrators to develop teen programs, support Artpace events, and create community-based projects throughout the school year.

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox’s multi-media narratives and characters are created from embodied female experience. Stories of life, loss, sex and love are told through corporeal hybrid creatures. The resulting collages, cyanotypes, and animations suggest a childlike fairytale but with an undercurrent of dark symbolism.

Her work has been shown throughout Texas, as well as in the Kinsey Institute (Bloomington, Indiana), Field Projects Gallery (New York, New York), Espacio Dörffi (Lanzarote, Canary Islands),
Casa Lu (Mexico City), and Darmstädter Sezession, (Darmstadt, Germany). In 2019 she was a recipient of a Sustainable Arts Foundation grant that allowed her to live and work at the Women’s Studio Workshop in NY with her son. She received an Individual Artist Grant from the City of San Antonio in 2021. 

Fox lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with her 5-year old son. She teaches at Texas State University and runs the summer Nature of Art Camp for young artists at Confluence Park

Ed Saavedra

Ed Saavedra is the co-director at the well-established Fl!ght Gallery in San Antonio. Saavedra has been showcasing his art since 2002, maintaining a steadfast commitment to exploring themes related to the divide between authority figures and marginalized, underprivileged, individuals.

Carly Garza

Carly Garza is a queer Latinx visual artist and musician from San Antonio who uses drawing, painting, and fiber art to investigate femininity, self-image, and personal habits and patterns through a feminist lens. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. Garza has exhibited with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle, Clamplight Gallery, Creative Eye Gallery, Jump Start Performance Co., Artpace, and Southwest School of Art in San Antonio. Garza is a recipient of a 2021 Luminaria Working Artist Grant, 2022 FOCO Residency at Brick Gallery at Blue Star Arts Complex, and 2023 San Antonio Individual Artist Grant.

Emily Fleisher

Emily Fleisher is an artist and educator originally from New York. Fleisher graduated with an MFA in Sculpture
from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA in Sculpture from Syracuse University. She has exhibited at numerous venues including Women and Their Work (Austin, TX); Stay
Gold Gallery (Brooklyn, NY); Lawndale Art Center (Houston, TX); Artpace San Antonio; and the Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse, NY). In addition, Emily is the recipient of a Mary Lily Travel Research Grant through Duke University in 2019, a 300 TriArt Grant from the City of San Antonio in 2018, and an alumna of the Vermont Studio Center Residency. She currently lives and works in San Antonio.