Get your fest on in San Antonio at Maverick Music Festival, March 21-22, 2014

San Antonio is clearly a city on the rise, with various industries moving in, a quickly-developing downtown, and a burgeoning art scene. But while we have a vibrant group of popular local musicians in all genres, the festival experience had only been available in our sister city to the north until last year. A group of San Antonians put together the inaugural Maverick Music Festival to draw the growing festival vibe, as well as national and local musical acts, to the downtown area for one weekend-long event. The second annual festival, which will take place on March 21-22, 2014, at La Villita. One of the organizers, Blayne Tucker, spoke to Artpace staff about the inception of the festival, his passion for bringing a lineup of indie musicians to San Antonio, and the importance of collaborating with other members of the cultural community like Artpace:

“Essentially, the inception began since a core group of us had been wanting to bring an indie/alternative music festival to San Antonio for over a decade. Until now, we are in fact the only major city, not only in the country, but western world and most of South America that does not have one. The idea was to begin bringing in indie/developing talent to the city through a grassroots approach.

I see the festival growing organically in the years to come in support of the SA2020 vision and development of our urban core. This must entail a central entertainment and artistic culture at the city center that makes downtown development attractive to younger audiences and people as a whole. We feel Artpace is a critical partner for the longevity in this mission, because of its leadership and ability to draw major individuals of influence and talent in the visual arts world from a national and international pool. Essentially, Artpace is a community leader that has allowed San Antonio to take a front seat in the visual arts world (ahead of even Austin) and will do so for the years to come.

Philosophically, it is essential, we think, that the visual arts and music worlds combine to create an event with a more spirited campaign to draw attention, and exposing people to the incredible life of art for the greater benefit of our community. We want a  phantasmagoric synesthesia where all art blends together abstractly, and the people behind the art come together in unity.”

Artpace is proud to partner with Maverick Music Festival to promote art, both visual and musical, in San Antonio. Learn more about Maverick, check out the full lineup, and get tickets at their website. Artpace fans, check your emails to find a special discount code! Not a FRESH ART FIRST member? Become a member or upgrade your existing membership level to be entered for a chance to win two free day passes to Maverick. Winners will be selected and notified via email on March 19th.