Meet the Associate Educator: Becca Najera

As the weather changes and the leaves fall…including those in our Artpace Window Works world, San Antonio gears up for a historically traditional yet very modern time. The beauty of our city is we always seem to embrace the new and innovative while honoring our distinct traditions. This past weekend at the Dia de los Muertos celebration at LaVillita there was a definite mix of past and contemporary from the Equinox Gallery. Fall 1995 International Artist-in-Residence artist David Zamora Casas created an altar where the Baby Jesus dawned an Aztec crown as well as other hidden items we won’t mention here hmmmmm.

At the end of November we gather loved ones in San Antonio to share their lives over those tried and true recipes passed down from generations (whaaaat y’all don’t have rice and beans on Thanksgiving!?!) and bask in being stuffed with love. One of the most beloved activities happens the very next day with everyone making their way downtown as the day after Thanksgiving our river parade kicks off the holidays and thousands of (led) lights illuminate the River Walk and surrounding areas. Leave it to Artpace to spin the event with a contemporary art vibe! Join me downtown November 28th from 3-7pm at the HEB Tree Lighting ceremony as we host an art making station to engage the crowds. We promise an activity for your friends and family that will honor your tradition while inspiring you to think outside the box!

-Becca Najera, Artpace Associate Educator