Big Dreams do Come True

Each summer Camp Artpace welcomes students from across San Antonio to meet and work directly with past and present Artpace artists to gain fascinating insights into style, materials, and techniques—discovering that contemporary art can be anything.

With artwork

Artpace is proud to announce that Camp Artpace 2014 student Paulo Gael Sánchez Q. made his artistic debut at this year’s Luminaria as the event’s youngest feature artist. The young artist said, “Artpace helped me create art and made me enjoy art a lot. I really liked how I used different materials to create pieces and this experience introduced me to mixed media art. Thank you Artpace for teaching me to learn more about creating!” Paulo’s mother added, “As always we consider Artpace a great part of his success. He still talks about the camp.”

Registration for Camp Artpace 2015 will open in March 2015.

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