New Year, New Start

The new year hasn’t brought San Antonio very much “winter” weather, but what it has brought is a new start, and for Artpace and its educators, a warm reflection of the rich history of Artpace and its residency program through the perspective of Hare & Hound Press + Artpace: The Art of Collaboration. The emotional connections that have been made throughout the history of Artpace and its collaborators were on display during this latest opening.

Coming back from the haze of the holiday season, I am thrilled to begin ushering in students to share with them the importance of Artpace in both the history of San Antonio and the world of contemporary art. It is with great pleasure that I, as an educator, share the stories told to us by the artists and create connections with viewers that help them better understand the work and its significance. It is with great honor and responsibility that I help celebrate its existence and forge new connections for generations to come.

Having just recently completed my second year as an Associate Educator, I’m looking forward to a whole new year of wonder and awe brought about by the amazing displays of work created within these walls. Personally connecting with the artwork helps me to relay and translate thoughts and ideas to our student visitors. As a teaching artist with both Artpace and the Southwest School of Art, the incredible artwork that I am fortunate to see on a regular basis help serve as inspiration for my own work as well.

This month is being filled with school site visits and educational tours. To have so many new and returning faces come to Artpace and experience world class contemporary art is truly a great way to begin the new year. Schedule your Artpace Experience today!

Posted by Ramon Munoz, Associate Educator