Free transcendent fun on February 8

JD Emmanuel Sunset Performance
Friday, February 8, 6:18pm
Artpace Rooftop
Free and open to the public

Internationally acclaimed electronic musician JD Emmanuel will perform original ambient compositions in a sunset performance on our rooftop. Emmanuel was invited to perform at Artpace by current International Artist-in-Residence J. Parker Valentine.

Known for his ambient synthscapes that explore the relationship between the mind and music, Emmanuel (also known as Time Traveler) is widely considered a pioneer of electronic music. Layering cyclical rhythms, samples from the natural environment, and improvisation, he builds multi-textual music he calls Electronic Minimal. He is best known for his seminal album,Wizards (1982). Drawing on his interest in metaphysics, his entire musical catalogue aims to expand consciousness resulting in enhanced creativity, and deepened meditation and relaxation.