Spring 2003 International Artist-in-Residence Program

Brian Fridge

  • Spring 2003 International Artist-in-Residence Program
  • Exhibition Dates: Mar 13,2003 - May 11,2003
  • About the artist
  • BF_work in progress_cropBrian Fridge

    Brian Fridge’s imagery in Vault Sequence, shown in the 2000 Whitney Biennial, appears as a swirling galaxy of white noise and has as its source, natural phenomena inside a home appliance. His black and white videos, which capture mysteriousRead more

About the exhibition

Brian Fridge’s silent, unedited videos often appear as swirling galaxies of light and matter—evoking a range of scale in space and time while being grounded in the domestic.  These cosmological scenes are exquisite, meticulously unveiling the mysteries of the unseen.  During his residency, Fridge assembled a laboratory of sorts in his ArtPace studio to examine the properties of various materials, exploring their potential as video images.  Fridge performed numerous tests, experimenting with substances that he could manipulate and record, generating movement that mirrors the daily microscopic tumult of our household environments.  The resulting videos reveal a new universe, lending sculptural qualities to the installation.

During his residency Fridge has created a number of new works entitled: Sequence 2.1 (5 minutes);Sequence 2.3 (5 minutes); Sequence 1.11 (3.5 minutes); and Sequence 2.1 (3 seconds). The images refer to different kinds of space as well as time, and draw the viewer into contemplative considerations of the micro and the macro—the nano-second and the infinite universe. Fridge’s work is presented on black and white TV monitors.  Pieces are unedited and silent, and all events are set in motion in real time.

Other works in this cycle