Spring 2003 International Artist-in-Residence Program

Paul Pfeiffer

  • Spring 2003 International Artist-in-Residence Program
  • Exhibition Dates: Mar 13,2003 - May 11,2003
  • About the artist
  • PaulPfeiffer_InProgress001_cropPaul Pfeiffer

    Paul Pfeiffer is known primarily for his video works that utilize digital manipulations to capture mass media spectacles. The element of time is offered up for examination as the soundless continuous loops repeatedly emphasize particular movements. Moments in time areRead more

About the exhibition

Paul Pfeiffer’s video works utilize digital manipulations to capture and decontextualize mass media spectacles, implicating the viewer in all of us.  Pfeiffer’s editing emphasizes particular movements to imbue the figures’ actions with layered meanings—ebullience turns to rage and celebration into attack.  Referencing French philosopher, Guy Debord’s 1967 treatise The Society of the Spectacle, Pfeiffer’s work compels the viewer to question whether media is «other» to community or if, as individuals, we are complicit in its success.

 Pfeiffer continues his investigation of the spectacle of the media with three new video works.  Pfeiffer alters and represents images from a pop music video, a beauty pageant, and a professional basketball game.  Through the generous support of the San Antonio Spurs, Pfeiffer was granted access to the SBC Center where he filmed not only the players but the support staff.  The resulting video isolates an armed security guard thus inverting one’s gaze from the event itself to the peripheral action.

Other works in this cycle