Sep 10

Andy Coolquitt: “Girlfriends” and “Boyfriends”

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Andy Coolquitt presents his last legit exhibition,”Girlfriends” and “Boyfriends” at Artpace this Saturday, September 10 from 4-6pm.
“My final Artpace exhibition opens this Saturday, Sept 10, 4-6pm. It’s called “Girlfriends” and “Boyfriends”. If you came here before don’t let that discourage you from coming back. Everything’s changed. The studio is gone. So is the kitchen. No more coffee, no more tea. No more hangin out… in the AC. It’s really pretty freakin sad if you think about it. I mean, this is a pretty sweet ass gig. And i fell in love with ole San Antone. Isn’t it weird how you can live so close to somewhere for so many years and know so little about it? I’ve really been missing out… And it’s crazy how the people here are so different from where i come from. i mean… they talk the same way, but…i don’t know…it’s just different. And isn’t it weird how being in a certain place can make you feel just a little different? like it can make you think thoughts that you might not of had in that place where you came from? i guess i couldn’t prove it, but…how would you? anyway, this show is pretty normal. it’s like, there are a bunch of things hanging on the wall, and a few things hanging from the ceiling, and some sculptures…if you could call them that. but overall, it’s hopefully a little more generous to you guys, in terms of, you got more space to roam around.” –Andy Coolquitt