Dec 16

Food Truck Friday: Berbere Ethiopian Cuisine

11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Join us this Friday from 11-1:30pm for the last Food Truck Friday of 2016 featuring Berbere Ethiopian Cuisine. Cherinet Girma, owner and operator of Berbere Ethiopian, has been cooking recipes that he learned from his mother and grandmother for over 15 years.

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2 Veggies Combo Meal
Served with your choice of bread

Beef Tibs Combo Meal
Ye’ sega tibs. Served with 2 veggies and your choice of bread

Chicken Tibs Combo Meal
Ye’ doro tibs. Served with 2 veggies and your choice of bread

Lamb Tibs Combo Meal
Ye’ baug tibs. Served with 2 veggies and your choice of bread

Choice of veggies:
miser wot (red lentils cooked in garlic, ginger and berbere paste), fosolia (green beans and carrots cooked in a mild ginger and garlic sauce), alicha kik (split peas cooked in a turmeric sauce), kaysir be’ denich (beet salad and potatoes in a vinaigrette dressing served cold), tikil gomen (stewed cabbage, potatoes and carrots in a mild turmeric sauce), timatim selata (tomato salad- tomatoes, red onions and jalapenos in a mild vinaigrette dressing).

Choice of bread:
injera (spongy flatbread with sourdough taste made of teff and barley), wheat bread, flatbread, buckwheat.

All meat selections are sauteed in veggies, spices and berbere paste. Add an extra veggie to any combo for $1.00.