Aug 10

Narcissister Activated Sculptures

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

In Narcissister’s Artpace exhibition, Wimmin, two bales of crushed aluminum cans from San Antonio’s Monterrey Metal make reference to the Minimalist cube featured in many of the collaged studies. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the bales will be activated by extra Narcissisters, as will The Face (Performing male facial features). Composed entirely of scrap metal also from Monterrey Metal, the face references monumental sculpture works by artists like Richard Serra and John Chamberlain, but Narcissister responds by making a work entirely activated by a female performer, rendering it static without the presence of a Narcissister. She wears a nose backpack and furry pants as the mustache and operates a pully system to animate the face.

Narcissister’s sculptures will be activated by human presence on the following dates from 1-2pm:

Saturday, July 27, 1-2 pm⁠
Saturday, August 10, 1-2 pm⁠
Saturday, August 24, 1-2 pm⁠
Saturday, September 7, 1-2 pm⁠

Photo credit Chris Castillo.