May 12

Rafa Esparza | Towards the Horizon

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Towards the Horizon is a program co-joined by Rafa Esparza and a group of writers that will embark on a dialogue in a space he built entirely out of adobe titled With Land. During his two-month residency at Artpace, Esparza explored a one to one relationship with a material he has been working with as a vehicle to drive collaborative experimental projects with Brown and queer artists. While his residency consisted of exploring the material in solitude, Esparza filled the room with writer’s voices via audio books and reading them on his free time. These voices narrating the different writing became a presence that began to inspire and inform ideas materialized herein.

Join us for a conversation series with two Brown queer writers, Anel I. Flores and Monica Teresa Ortiz. The panel of writers are artists Esparza has collaborated with in the past as well as new artists he met while in San Antonio for his artist residency. The writers will convene to discuss each other’s writing processes, and inspirations interspersed with readings/ performances of new works and works in progress. An open public discussion will help conclude the conversation.