Mar 16

Spring Resident Artist Opening Reception and Artist Talk

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Artpace San Antonio

Artpace is happy to announce the opening of our Spring 2023 International Artist-in-Residence exhibitions. Yuliya Lanina (Austin, Texas), Reynier Leyva Novo (Houston,Texas), and Nohemí Pérez (Bogotá, Colombia, selected by Guest Curator Gabriela Rangel, will present their exhibitions to the public at a reception on Thursday, March 16, from 6–9pm. An artist talk will take place at 6:30pm.

🍷 Complimentary wine and beer for those 21+ ⁠

🎟️ Free and open to the public⁠

🅿️ Free parking is available at 513 N Flores⁠


Yuliya Lanina‘s exhibition, Mother/Land, at Artpace, explores her complex relationship with the war in Ukraine through animation, sculpture, and installation, building on her previous work. The centerpiece of the exhibition is an animation on the far wall that mimics scrolling through social media and reflects the artist’s stream of consciousness, accompanied by an audio composition. Lanina’s emphasis on handmade paper and the color scheme of black, white, and red convey the trauma and rage of war; the red poppy flowers with eyes, placed throughout the gallery, serve as a complex symbol of memory and witness to destruction.

Reynier Leyva Novo’s exhibition, The Sunset Road, is centered around the transfer of matter and energy in relation to migration. Like much of his artistic practice, Novo combines research and art to create a conceptual space that invites the viewer to dive deeper into the subject matter. In this case, a solitary artwork, Sauna Truck, guides the visitors experience. Sitting in the middle of the gallery, the back of a commercial truck bed has been transformed into a sauna that visitors are welcome to enter. A sauna is commonly used as a place of rest and restoration; it is a space for meditation and cleansing the body and mind. In this exhibition, the artwork is dedicated to exploring how energy can be transformed in different environments and how changes in an environment’s condition can have a direct impact on the matter inside the environment. Ultimately, the Sauna Truck is an extension of our reality, exploring the impact of migration on Texas, San Antonio, and the world.

Nohemí Pérez delves into the tumultuous relationship between humanity and the natural world through her artistic creations. Her latest exhibit at Artpace, titled No Man’s Land, further explores this struggle. Pérez utilizes the Texan landscape as the backdrop for her expansive drawings, which allude to the notion of migration. As one of the primary entry points for migrants, particularly those displaced from southern countries, Texas plays a significant role in the ongoing discussion of immigration. Within the installation, small watercolor studies of travelers and landscape paintings are the sole source of color, adding vibrancy to the otherwise monochromatic space. Visitors are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the gallery, serving as a window into the vast, open lands where individuals wander in search of new opportunities.