Frances Stark

Frances Stark (detail)

Frances Stark’s artwork explores the struggles of process and regularly incorporates the written word. The intricate relationship developed between image and text reflects on the difficulty of translation—thoughts to words […]

Arnoud Holleman

Arnoud Holleman

Through video, films, photographs, drawings, and print projects, Arnoud Holleman appropriates and creates imagery, blurring boundaries of documentation and fiction, reality and fantasy. While pivoting between media as well as […]

The Last of The Real Thing

The Last of the Real Thing

Kuhlman’s WindowWorks project, The Last of The Real Thing, transforms Artpace’s light-filled front exhibition area into a shimmering tropical paradise that comments on the rise of industrialization and its harmful […]

“where are we going?”


For her WindowWorks project, Shipton again engages the public with a text-based work, posing the question “where are we going?” in large, red vinyl letters applied to the windows at […]