Artpace: Walk us through your exhibition Wu Tsang: The main work in the space is evidence of a performance I did called You Sad Legend including a sculpture made of […]

Sous Rature ‘Under Erasure’

Artpace: What are the major themes in your work? Adriana Corral: My installations, performances, and sculptures embody universal themes of loss, injustice, concealment, and memory. For the past five years, […]

Biography Construction Site (Cakes)

Tell us about your exhibition. This Window Works exhibition has a purpose—the celebration of Artpace’s 21st year. When I was approached to create this exhibition I took it on as […]

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Tell us about your exhibition. Before I knew what I was going to create for Artpace, I came down for a site visit to see the Hudson (Show)Room. I collected […]