Word on the Street

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 8 from 6 – 8pm Word on the Street at Artpace in San Antonio marks the first exhibition of the banners outside of its premier and […]

With Land

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXHIBITION: The time and resources provided by the Artpace residency enabled me to focus on my process and explore a more intimate relationship with adobe. Adobe […]

Espacio Doméstico

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXHIBITION: Over the last six years, I have been studying the symbolism of color. I study painted storefronts in Mexicano and Latinx neighborhoods, community murals, and […]

2018 CAM Perennial

The 2018 CAM Perennial pairs artists in a cross-cultural exchange between San Antonio and the Canary Islands. The artists were chosen by Canary Islands-based guest curator Adonay Bermudez for an […]

The Sunset Belongs to Us

What are the two phases of your exhibition? The first part of the exhibition is interactive. The gallery will be empty except for a sound booth where visitors will be […]

1718-1767 (Common Currents)

Common Currents is a diverse showcase of San Antonio’s history as told by 300 local artists at 6 art-centric venues. Drawing on the connections that run through San Antonio’s vibrant […]

Let me be the wind that pulls your hair

Kate Newby’s work consists of site-specific projects that form relationships with locations through actions. Her work engages with a wide range of situations using everyday actions and materials in order […]


Nicholas Frank considers all art-related activity—sculpture, writing, teaching, curation, viewing, dialoguing—as artmaking. In Milwaukee, his hometown, he has co-created a project called The Open, which houses several platforms supporting artists: […]

Between the Devil & the Deep

Robert Hodge is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores themes of memory and commemoration. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in the City’s Third Ward district, the artist studied visual […]


What kind of work are you currently making? I am currently exploring architectural spaces on a two-dimensional platform through works on paper and canvas, and minimizing space through pure forms […]