Chronicles of Uprooting

Juana Córdova is well-known for her subtle, but poetic, responses to our natural world using unexpected materials. For the duration of her residency at Artpace, she focused on two species […]

rhythm and (p)leisure

As do many in the United States, Francis Almendárez comes from a family of immigrant farm workers; his parents hail from Honduras and his grandparents are from El Salvador. In […]


Activates Sculpture Schedule⁠ Narcissister’s sculptures will be activated by human presence on the following dates. Saturday, July 27, 1-2 pm⁠ Saturday, August 10, 1-2 pm⁠ Saturday, August 24, 1-2 pm⁠ […]

Front and Back, and Side to Side

“As artists we all begin to construct with what is given.” —Joseph Kosuth (b. 1945, Toledo, OH) “The specialness of art is…about the power to take ordinary things and by […]


Bruisers, Daniel Rios Rodriguez’s first solo show in the region, is a presentation of entirely new two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. He likens his works to “bruisers” or unrefined, rough-and-tumble individuals: […]

Earth and Everything

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum’s multidisciplinary work encompasses drawing and animation, and alludes to mythology, geology and theories on the nature of the universe. Her drawings, narrative landscapes that appear simultaneously futuristic […]

The Homestead

How do you represent issues of gentrification and displacement in your work? At Artpace, I’ve worked on two distinct, yet narratively connected bodies of work. In my studio, I have […]

Gathering Bones

Short-handled garden hoes are symbols of oppression and control over the body. In response, I had the object appear stooped over, contorted, and rendered in glass, making it useless and […]

Then and Now

Then and Now celebrates the impact Artpace has on the lives and careers of artists. The exhibition features work by five resident artist alumni. Then and Now presents work made […]

She Called Herself Olympia

The monumental quilt, She Called Herself Olympia, is a contemporary ode to the Odalisque figure with an empowering twist. This project speaks to women’s bodies as socially and politically contested […]

We invent nothing

What is your exhibition about? I commissioned a puppeteer to create a puppet, based on Jean-Francois Lyotard, a revolutionary late 20th century philosopher and performed with him at Electronic Dance […]

Dark After Art

If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them? This shining water that moves in the streams and […]