13 Views in Arid Lands

Potter-Belmar Labs

Exhibition: May 12 – Sep 11, 2011

13 Views in Arid Lands is a new series of 360° scrolling Southwestern American landscapes, shot in time lapse and presented in a set of custom peephole cabinets. Our panoramas were made using an intervalometer and a robotic tripod head that we designed, built, and programmed. Revealed in these vistas, clouds and weather spread through the sky, winds shake plants, humans and animals dart almost imperceptibly.

The videos, their presentation, and the pair of cabinets allude to the ancient traditional Chinese landscape meditation scroll, hand-cranked canvas panoramas of 19th-century North America, the enormous panorama rotundas, and early penny arcade peephole spectacles. Text that appears in the videos was borrowed from reports and journals of US soldiers looking for the last free Apaches in the Southwest in the 1880s.


Potter-Belmar Labs

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio-based artists Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens form the collaborative team known as Potter-Belmar Labs. Established in 1999, their performance, video, and installation works often involve audience participation; as co-conspirators, the audience often helps determine the direction of many of the performances.

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