Dwayne Bohuslav: Screen Memory

Dwayne Bohuslav

Exhibition: Sep 13 – Oct 27, 1996

Screen Memory, their multi-media installation at ArtPace, conceals the memory impressions of previous parasite works behind a bamboo screen suspended in the space and recollecting the living bamboo screen outside the ArtPace building. Through this screen, aluminum peepholes allow glimpses of those memories while overhead a horizontal bamboo and steel scaffold arches out the second floor windows towards the street below. As detachable assemblages, parasite works to engage existing structures lightly in ways that attempt to reveal elements of conflict in our daily lives between the natural and the increasing presence of the virtual, technological world.


Dwayne Bohuslav

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Born in Texas in 1956, Bohuslav moved to San Antonio five years ago after being away for 15 years in San Francisco, New York and, most recently, Tokyo. He splits his time between teaching and practicing architecture and working with several of his architecture graduate students from UTSA on an ongoing series of site-specific installations in Texas and Mexico. With their background in architecture design, Bohuslav and his collaborators, parasite members Jose Torres and James Way, focus on elevating the natural (materials such as bamboo) with light aluminum and steel structures to reveal hidden or erased memories of the places of their siting.

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