E.V. Day


E.V. Day
Snake, 2011
60 x 48 inches
$4,500 (assembly $500)
Gift of the artist, with proceeds to benefit Artpace

E.V. Day’s aluminum, Snake, was inspired by works in her Spring 2011 International Artist-in-Residence exhibition, CatFight, which included five similar three-dimensional sculptures of cobras. Modeled after a popular hobby puzzle, Snake ships flat for the collector’s assembly. Once the pieces are extracted from the sheet of aluminum, the Snake transforms into a three-dimensional puzzle with remaining plate that can be displayed as a wall piece.

E.V. Day utilizes unorthodox artistic media including cat skeletons, children’s plastic toys, and replicas of animal tongues to touch on femininity and the humor of gender roles.

Contact Riley Robinson at 210.678.4158 or rrobinson@artpace.org with inquiries.