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Tala Madani: One-Point Perspective

In this activity, you will learn to identify a one-point perspective and overlapping elements by creating a composition of buildings and clouds, exploring depth and colors. Materials Canvas (or use paper or cardboard, 8.5” x 11” or larger) Paint or Markers (any two colors) Brushes Ruler (any straight edge will work) Pencil Instructions 1. Paint […]


A Tour of Artpace in 1995

Artpace San Antonio is housed in an 18,000 square foot facility renovated by the eminent San Antonio firm Lake/Flato Architects, winner of the American Institute of Architects’ coveted Architecture Firm Award. The 1920’s building, once a Hudson automobile dealership, is located in the vibrant downtown cultural district, one block from San Antonio’s famous River Walk. […]


Make a 3D Geographic Map

Clarissa Tossin: Geographic Maps  This activity will nurture your application of research, design, and construction. You will explore two separate geographic locations that share a connection or commonality and merge them together by cutting and folding juxtaposed satellite images. This exercise will promote and develop a basic understanding of 2-dimensional materials to create a 3-dimensional form.  Materials 11” […]


Art Resources for Social Distancing

For an indoors art boost: Visit our Instagram! Browse our Exhibitions Archive for virtual galleries of all our previous exhibitions, complete with corresponding gallery notes (soon available in Spanish as well) Glasstire’s Five Minute Tours of Texas galleries. Video exhibition walkthroughs by James Kalm. The Social Distance Gallery, hosting BFA and MFA thesis shows amid the pandemic. […]