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Keep Artpace Cool – Continued pt 3

Here is a behind the scenes shot of our current a/c unit control panel (i.e.: heating, ventilation and air conditioning)…we warned you, it’s not pretty. Charlie, one of our most valuable studio technicians, shares with us that “The HVAC control unit is very temperamental, and often shorts out during events.” When this occurs, Charlie adjusts […]


Keep Artpace Cool Part 2

Riley Robinson, Artpace Studio Director since 1995, looks in amazement with Comfort Air Engineering at our outdated air conditioning system. The system was certified for 15 years of operation, now 24 years later, it frequently shuts down on our hard-working staff and artists. In fact, some of the system’s parts are no longer manufactured, making […]


Keep Artpace Cool!

Our 23-year-old air conditioning system has been good to us over the years, but it’s time for a replacement and stat! The current frequently shuts down, leaving parts of our building vulnerable to the extreme Texas elements and causing problems for our resident artists, staff and visitors. We’ve recently launched a fundraising campaign and invite you to […]


2018 Contemporary Art Month

Artpace & Contemporary Art Month (CAM) are excited to announce their partnership for the 2018 CAM Perennial Exhibition. The 2018 CAM Perennial pairs artists in a cross-cultural exchange between San Antonio and the Canary Islands. The artists were chosen by Canary Islands-based guest curator Adonay Bermudez for an exhibition in Artpace’s Hudson Showroom. 2018 CAM […]