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Make Artpace a part of your classroom! Students will look, learn, create, and reflect on contemporary art through these innovative lesson plans that connect Artpace artists and exhibitions through dialogue, discovery, and cross-curricular concepts.
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David Benjamin Sherry: Earth Changes

David Benjamin Sherry’s 2012 exhibition, Earth Changes, launched the vitality of Sherry’s abstractions of landscape into three-dimensional space. Ten immense, dyed rocks rise from pedestals of varying heights, and were tightly packed to enact the experienceRead more

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Simryn Gill: Becoming a Plant

In 1999, spring resident artist Simryn Gill described the inspiration for her exhibition Vegetation as being derived from her desire “to be a plant in the American landscape” and her investigation of the complexities that surround what it meansRead more

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Abstract Watercolor Landscapes: LED Lights

This lesson integrates basic science and sewing skills with the art making process. Students will be experimenting with watercolor to create abstract landscapes on muslin fabric. With the help of Makerspace students will be using conductive thread to sew aRead more

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Clarissa Tossin: Geographic Maps

This lesson will nurture student’s application of research, design, and construction, allowing hands-on assemblage of juxtaposed satellite images. Students will explore two geographic locations that are connected in some way as subject matter, for example, one image ofRead more