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Make Artpace a part of your classroom! Students will look, learn, create, and reflect on contemporary art through these innovative lesson plans that connect Artpace artists and exhibitions through dialogue, discovery, and cross-curricular concepts.
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Juan Miguel Ramos: Drawing and Photoshop

In this lesson students will develop an understanding between the connection of art and Photoshop. Within contemporary art the technology that is in artists grasp is exponentially beneficial. Students will gain a basic understanding of Photoshop tools and how theRead more

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Adam Putnam: Layering Architecture

In this lesson students will analyze and expand upon architecture. Referencing basic architectural elements students will illustrate their own column, arch, dome, etc. Then adorning their drawing with a separate element will promote students creativity and appropriation for their ownRead more

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Michael Menchaca: Mesoamerican Codices

In this lesson we will be acquainted with the Mesoamerican culture. Just like children’s books, Mesoamerican Codices told stories using imagery and so does Michael Menchaca’s artwork. Students will be creating their own codice using a variety ofRead more

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Tala Madani: One Point Perspective

The students will start by discussing and identifying the vocabulary of one-point perspective and the characteristics of it. Using Tala Madani’s recent artwork as a starting point we will analyze how she portrays depth on a 2-dimensionalRead more