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Make Artpace a part of your classroom! Students will look, learn, create, and reflect on contemporary art through these innovative lesson plans that connect Artpace artists and exhibitions through dialogue, discovery, and cross-curricular concepts.
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Rigoberto Luna: Vinyl Self-Portraits

If you had to describe yourself to another by only showing them objects, what would these objects be? This lesson will appraise individuality, allowing students to identify their personality and how to represent it through artistic expression. Students will scanRead more

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Thomas Hirschhorn: Assemblage

This lesson will enable students to experiment with various found materials to create a monochromatic assemblage work of art. During this process students will question and criticize the use and application of everyday objects. Using common materials such as cellophaneRead more

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Tony Feher: Blue Painters Tape

This lesson will question the common use of tape and how it is used and viewed to the world. Tony Feher takes advantage of everyday objects; he alters the ordinary to create an innovative piece of artwork. Students will criticizeRead more

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Anya Gallaccio: Sandpaper Landscapes

In this lesson students will interpret the use of nontraditional materials to replicate a local landscape. Students will explore and differentiate texture and value within an image to design a new work of art. Using materials like sandpaper and stringRead more