The Texas Art Education Association Visits Artpace

This past weekend, over 1800 Texas art teachers descended upon San Antonio for the annual Texas Art Education Association conference. In addition to meetings and panels at the Gonzalez Convention Center, attendees had the opportunity for hands-on workshops at offsite venues including Artpace, Blue Star Contemporary Art, The Southwest School of Art, the Briscoe Western Art Museum, the McNay, the San Antonio Musem of Art, and the Linda Pace Foundation’s SPACE gallery.

One of the Artpace workshops, taught by Artpace Hudson (Show)Room artist and Texas State University Associate Professor of Studio Art Joey Fauerso, led teachers through a process to create a collaborative hybrid drawing/animation project in the style of William Kentridge. Participants were given images of nature and asked to sketch them using charcoal on paper. Every few minutes, the teachers rotated to different stations and were challenged to incorporate a new image into the existing drawing. Two of the works were photographed at intervals of a few seconds as the drawings transformed and changed from artist to artist.

At the end of the workshop, Joey showed the group how to import the images into iMovie, turn them into an animated video, and add ambient sound in a matter of moments. The beautiful end result is above.

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