Keep Artpace Cool – Continued pt 3

Here is a behind the scenes shot of our current a/c unit control panel (i.e.: heating, ventilation and air conditioning)…we warned you, it’s not pretty. Charlie, one of our most valuable studio technicians, shares with us that “The HVAC control unit is very temperamental, and often shorts out during events.” When this occurs, Charlie adjusts the temperature of the unit, in hopes of cooling things down and making visitors comfortable. This task, he says, can take him up to half an hour just to be able to control the temperature in one part of the building. The control panel screen is barely legible, making reading any of the numbers on the display screen difficult, so navigating this to change the degree of the temperature in just one part of the building is extremely unpredictable.

Visit the link in our bio to learn more about our temperamental 23-year-old AC unit, and take part in keeping Artpace cool for generations to come!