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About This Project

This lesson will nurture student’s application of research, design, and construction, allowing hands-on assemblage of juxtaposed satellite images. Students will explore two geographic locations that are connected in some way as subject matter, for example, one image of the student’s current residence and the other where a family member has lived in the past. In Clarissa Tossin’s, Geographic Accident (9,468 miles collapsed) she focused on two towns, one called Belterra, which is a rubber plantation village and the other town, Alberta is a sawmill town. Both were built by the Ford Company, yet one is in the Amazon Forest and the other is in Michigan Upper Peninsula. She aimed to merge the two towns together by cutting and folding. Students will experiment through cutting and folding maps in order to unite separate landscapes and develop a basic understanding of 2-dimensional materials to create an aesthetically pleasing 3-dimensional form.

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