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About This Project

Pak Sheung-Chuen also known as “Tozer” is a writer along with being an artist. In Hong Kong from 2004-2006, Tozer was a columnist of the (Sunday) Mingpao Daily Newspaper. While in San Antonio, Tozer will be writing four pieces for the Current, which can be found at In an interview with Ben Judson, Tozer writes in a black notebook and states, “That is the record of this kind of writing I do every day. The first part of the creation process is doing this.” This lesson will develop student’s creative process and design skill. Students will develop their own newspaper allowing liberty to be an author, designer, photographer, and editor. Students will explore the layout of newspapers and contrast it with a collage, aiming to combine the two separate entities into a cohesive artistic newspaper. Using various materials such as old newspapers, maps, tracing paper, photographs, etc, these newspapers will be an artistic rendition.