Más Rudas: Brown Style

Más Rudas: Brown Style

Más Rudas is a Chicana art collective based in San Antonio, TX. The group is comprised of four artists: painter Ruth Buentello, textile artist Sarah Casillo, filmmaker Kristen Gamez; and photographer Mari Hernandez. The artists utilize their individual practices to create multi-media installations that showcase their bicultural experiences.

In this activity, you will create a self-portrait with text that showcases your cultural and personal identities.

Cardstock paper
Sharpies or markers
Masking tape
A backdrop (this can be a wall in your house, a sheet hung in your backyard, etc.)
A camera (a phone camera works just fine!)


  1. Define the words identity and culture. Think about what they mean to you and list your answers. What is your role in your community? What experiences with your family, friends, culture, or other aspects of your life relate to this role and your overall identity?
  2. From your list, choose words, phrases, or quotes that best define your cultural, personal, and community identities. You can choose more than one of each.
  3. Create forms on your cardstock paper. These forms can be clouds, flowers, squares, anything you want!
  4. Write out the text you’ve chosen onto your forms. Make sure that the text is large, legible, and (if you want) colorful!
  5. Once you’ve finished writing on your forms, mount them onto your backdrop using tape.
  6. (Optional) Add more details or props which reflect your identity, to your backdrop. If you are an artist, mount some of your work. Maybe you want to showcase your love of the outdoors and mount some flowers or draw trees. Be creative!
  7. Think of a pose, and take your self-portrait.
  8. Create a title for your self-portrait and share it on social media—tag us: @artpace, #ArtpaceAtHome; #MakeArtHappen

To read about Mas Rudas’s Fall 2012 Window Works exhibition, Brown Style, please visit our Residences and Exhibitions page, here.

Samples by Artpacec Education Intern Ryene Sanders.