Meet a PACEsetter: Katy Silva

Meet a PACEsetter: Katy Silva

Who are the PACEsetters?
PACEsetters is a great group of engaged young people who care about contemporary art and novel experiences.

What has been your most memorable experience as a PACEsetter?
My most memorable experience so far as a PACEsetter was attending a private tour of the Hare & Hound Press exhibition in the Hudson (Show)Room. We got an in depth explanation of the selected works, insight about the artists, and a behind the scenes after party in one of the apartment spaces used to house the resident artists.

What makes Artpace unique to you?
Artpace is unique because it not only offers exciting exhibitions year round but is also an environment that allows for connections, ideas, and creativity to happen.

About the PACEsetters

Artpace established the PACEsetters to encourage a lifelong love of contemporary art among individuals ages 21 and 45. PACEsetters experience fun events and exclusive access to innovative art and artists brought to San Antonio by Artpace from around the world.

Find out more about the PACEsetters and how you can become one here.