Meet the Alliance Member: 5 Points Local

Meet the Alliance Member: 5 Points Local

The Artpace Alliance is a group of local businesses and organizations that offer exclusive discounts to Artpace members. We’ll regularly introduce you to a different member of the Artpace Alliance. Not an Artpace Fresh Art First Member? Sign-up today!


5 Points Local is a unique business which combines a restaurant with a yoga studio. They are one of the newer members of our program, entering their 2nd year as a member. I sat down with Abby Johnson, Co-Founder and Yoga Instructor, to discuss the story behind the business and its connection to Artpace.

5 Points Local started as an idea of the owner, Lisa Asvestas, when she visited Mexico for a vacation. While there, she experienced fresh food and yoga routinely and came to the conclusion that everyone needs “healthy options” to choose from. Asvestas rounded up Abby Johnson and Anne Wolfe-Andersen, her co-founders, and opened 5 Points Local on September 9th, 2015.

Since opening, 5 Points Local has been living out its mantra: “Breathe. Nourish. Connect.” Everything from the food you eat, down to the silverware you use is researched to provide “ethically produced and environmentally friendly” products. To connect to its hyper-local philosophy, the business’ namesake is derived from its central location in the Five Points neighborhood.


Beyond food, 5 Points Local has been actively nurturing the local community of San Antonio. Having hosted community events where other artists and vendors can congregate, 5 Points Local pursued to expand their involvement in the community. Seeing Artpace as a “neighbor” and “a place of like-minded people, of community, of giving back,” led to their joining the Alliance in October of 2015. They have been grounded into the soil of San Antonio since, continuing to cultivate “the vibe of community.”

Today, they continue to offer their expansive package of health and wellness. Whether you’re dining in at the 100% gluten-free restaurant that provides local, fresh, organic food choices, or realigning your energy in their yoga studio, 5 Points Local is the place to be in the “present moment.”


The staff at 5 Points Local is as genuine as the food that they provide. Both quick to serve and filled with the authentically positive energy of the space, they give new meaning to wellness. Abby sums up the 5 Point Local experience well: “I want them to carry the beautiful energy of this space. I want them to feel like family because the human race is a family.”

Artpace members receive a 10% discount when ordering from the restaurant and on their yoga class passes. If you’re ever looking for a place to relax and replenish yourself, stop by 5 Points Local. No matter where you are in your life, in health or wellness, they’ll “meet you wherever you’re at.”

-Carlos Lewis, Artpace Bexar County Intern