Meet the Alliance Member: San Antonio Magazine

Meet the Alliance Member: San Antonio Magazine

The Artpace Alliance is a group of local businesses and organizations that offer exclusive discounts to Artpace members. Each week, we’ll be introducing you to a different member of the Artpace Alliance. Not an Artpace Fresh Art First Member? Sign-up today!

San Antonio Magazine is a lifestyle publication company, currently in their 4th year as a member of the Artpace Alliance. I interviewed Rebecca Fontenot Cord, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, to talk about the history and practice of the company, along with its relationship to Artpace.

San Antonio Magazine was founded and began publishing in 2005. Three years later, the publisher of Austin Monthly Magazine at the time became involved with San Antonio Magazine and developed its current style.

Through years of publishing, San Antonio Magazine has reported on the exciting events happening at around the city, including frequent coverage of events at Artpace. They have always seen Artpace as “a valuable contributor in the cultural community of San Antonio.” To support the culture of the city and Artpace’s endeavors, they became a member of the Artpace Alliance in 2012 and continue to report on events at Artpace in their publications.

San Antonio Magazine spotlights everything from food to style and the best, new, and exciting things happening around San Antonio. The outcome is a “time capsule for the current culture of the city” that you will “tell your best friend[s] about.” As Rebecca says, “Magazines are an experience.”

While San Antonio Magazine publishes once a month, they constantly keep readers updated. Current events from around San Antonio and web-exclusive stories are posted on their social media outlets and website. And though San Antonio Magazine is top-notch, people are still one its greatest resources: “We always love to hear what readers are thinking, what they want to see more of and less of. They’re always welcome to email, call, or send us an old-fashioned letter.”

Although part of the corporate portfolio of Open Sky Media, San Antonio Magazine maintains the feeling of a small business. Open Sky Media gives an enormous amount of independence to San Antonio Magazine and as a result, the small staff has the benefits of expansive networks and new strategies while working at the size of a local business.

Nevertheless, San Antonio Magazine continues to do what it does best: entertaining and informing readers with the latest highlights of all lifestyle things in San Antonio. Regardless of what your interest is, “there’s going to be something of interest to you.”
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-Carlos Lewis, Artpace Bexar County Intern