SA2020 at Artpace

SA2020 at Artpace

This morning the SA2020 team and members of the San Antonio government, including Mayor Julián Castro, convened at Artpace for a press conference promoting SA2020 Resolutions. SA2020 is “a list of goals created by the people of San Antonio in 2010 based on their collective vision for our city in the year 2020,”arts and culture, civic engagement, downtown development, education, and transportation. As one of the newest Opportunity Partners, Artpace was excited to host such a passionate group of people helping to make San Antonio a city on the rise.

SA2020 Chief of Engagement Molly Cox gets San Antonians excited about 2014 Resolutions.
Mayor Julián Castro supports the SA2020 goals, including making San Antonio an international art and culture hub.
Members of the SA2020 team with City Councilman Diego Bernal and Mayor Castro.

The Arts & Culture Vision aims at making San Antonio a world leader as a creative arts community by 2020:

San Antonio reflects a diverse range of artistic expression that builds on our rich cultural heritage. The arts are integral to our way of life for citizens of all ages and backgrounds. Public and private support spurs a renaissance of artistic creativity where a vibrant cultural economy flourishes. Contemporary art reflects the dynamic nature of San Antonio’s artistic, literary and cultural communities and movements.

How Will We Get There?

    • Raise the level of attendance at arts programs
    • Raise the level of funding for the arts
    • Increase the number of national/international press mentions
    • Increase economic impact of the arts
    • Double the number of people employed in the arts
    • Increase the number of creative activities, including public arts
The Artpace staff was excited to welcome Mayor Castro, especially Studio Technician Chad Dawkins!
Mayor Castro gets a private tour of the latest Hudson (Show)Room exhibition from Artpace Executive Director Amada Cruz.
Mayor Castro encourages everyone to support local arts organizations like Artpace as part of SA2020’s Resolutions program.

Commit to helping SA2020 meet it’s goals by supporting and participating in programs at Artpace and other San Antonio arts and culture organizations. You can start by helping us welcome our new Spring 2014 International Artists-In-Residence at the Community Potluck Dinner this Thursday, January 30 from 6-9pm.