Teen Art Council Mashup

Teen Art Council Mashup

You[th]Pace Teen Art Council members took a field trip to Austin on Saturday, November 1, to visit both sites of The Contemporary Austin —the Jones Center and Laguna Gloria—and meet with members of The Contemporary Austin’s teen council.


The Contemporary Austin teen council showed You[th]Pace members around the galleries at the Jones Center featuring an exhibition by former Artpace International Artist-in-Residence Do Ho Suh. The show included intricate works of colorful fabric replicating Suh’s former apartments around the world.


“It was neat seeing Do Ho Suh’s work at the Contemporary Austin. Suh is a former Artpace resident, so we were able to see how connected the contemporary museums really are.” -Victoria, You[th]Pace member

At Laguna Gloria, You[th]Pace and The Contemporary Austin teen council had lunch on the grounds, took a tour of the sculpture park, participated in interactive activities led by educators from Artpace and The Contemporary, and watched a film by Richard T. Walker on view in the Gatehouse Gallery.

“Marianne Vitale’s train tracks were pretty cool…especially the activity where we guided another person with their eyes closed to our favorite view of the sculptures. This really opened up a different point of view to look at the art.” -Gallian, You[th]Pace member


Along with seeing new art, hanging out with The Contemporary Austin teen council members was a highlight of the field trip. Getting to meet strangers and make instant connections on a deeper level had an impact on every one of the You[th]Pace members. We look forward to The Contemporary Austin teen council taking a field trip to visit Artpace!

Post contributed by members of the 2014-2015 You[th]Pace Teen Art Council