You[th]pace Explores Process with Liz Glynn

In my teenage years I never had a job where the duties consisted of working with a world-renowned artist. As the Education and Public Programs Intern at Artpace, I get to work with Artpace’s very own You[th]pace Teen Art Council, a group of fifteen San Antonio teenagers who meet at Artpace every week for an entire school year and have exclusive access to Artpace artists on a regular basis.

Just last month, You[th]pace members had the opportunity to work with Spring 2014 International Artist-in-Residence Liz Glynn (Los Angeles), whose Artpace exhibition Hold Nothing explores the significance placed on objects due to their historical and sentimental value. Liz worked with the teens over the course of three weeks during their Tuesday evening meetings. She showed them examples of her previous works and then guided them through the process of creating concrete sculptures made from molds they constructed of foam core board. The experience not only taught You[th]pace members how to work with a non-traditional art material, but gave them insight into the in-depth research and artistic processes that formed Liz’s Artpace exhibition.

You[th]Pace Teen Art Council members cutting and manipulating foam core to create concrete molds.

You[th]Pace Teen Art Council members work with Liz Glynn

You[th]Pace Teen Art Council members work with Spring 2014 International Artist-in-Residence Liz Glynn in the Artpace studio to mix concrete.

You[th]pace Teen Art Council members learning to mix concrete with Liz Glynn in the Artpace studio.

Aside from working with Artpace artists, You[th]pace members also spend their time collaborating on their end of year Capstone project. The group has planned a free Teen Scene event that will feature an exhibition of member-created art, a unique photo booth, limited edition screen print station and more, all related to the theme of identity. Please encourage any teens you know to join You[th]pace as they unveil their Capstone project, Teen Scene, for high school students only on Saturday, May 31, from 7-10pm.

Want to get more involved with Artpace? Curious and creative teens can      apply for the 2014-2015 You[th]pace Teen Art Council.

-Anyssa Flores
Education and Public Programs Intern, Spring 2014