Artist Spaces A Highlight for Education

JennaMy name is Jenna Wright and I am one of the Artpace Associate Educators. I currently study at UTSA and in May I will receive a Master in Fine Arts focusing on sculpture/ceramics. I also work for the Southwest School of Art Mobile Art Program. With this program I visit the Daughters of Charity site every Wednesday and create weekly lessons to engage these students and nourish their creative abilities.

Recently, while leading tours through the galleries at Artpace, I noticed how much I enjoyed hearing the students reflect on the artist’s studios. Currently there are three Artists-in-Residence—Autumn Knight (Houston, TX), Oscar Murillo (La Paila, Colombia/London, England, and Henry Taylor (Los Angeles, CA)—living and working at Artpace. It is so much fun to be able to peek in with the students week to week as the spaces develop. The walls change color, the brushes get dirtier, and the art continues to progress. I always ask my students, “What would you do with this space if you were able to make anything you wanted?” Their creative answers vary from a Lego city to trains, a diorama, or even the Statue of Liberty. So next time you’re at Artpace, maybe you could ask yourself the same question, “If Artpace gave you the space, time, money, and staff to create anything, what would you do to dream a little bigger?”

See the newest works by Autumn Knight, Oscar Murillo, and Henry Taylor at the Spring 2015 International Artist-in-Residence opening reception and dialogue on March 19 from 6-9pm.