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Archive Apr. 2021


in the co-confluence of the civilizations in the americas

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Austin-based artist Adrian Aguilera’s video and mixed-media installation in the co-confluence of the civilizations in the americas proposes an ontological and physical exploration of the invisible labor of Brown and Black (BIPOC) workers and other immigrant groups. Though rarely seen or acknowledged, their work may take place early in the morning or late at night, […]


all things that grow

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In all things that grow, the Iranian-born, Tucson-based artist Nazafarin Lotfi explores space as a construct and references the design of archetypal gardens as utopian spaces, specifically, those that originated in the ancient Iranian plateau. Those enclosed green spaces were built as idealized landscapes for pleasure, rest, and contemplation, and they served as a respite […]


Twenty-One Silent Stages: A Ballad

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The multifold practice of Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artists Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere spans two decades of projects that actuate music and sound, radio, dissent, and the cultural complexities of the public sphere. The artists have produced works in video installation, lyric writing, performance, and photography. Their research interests lie in the intersections of music, civic […]


de los otros

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Artpace is pleased to announce  de los otros, the first exhibition of 2021 in the Main Space gallery, featuring José Villalobos’s work. While Artpace is closed for appointments, the exhibition will be visible from N. Main Ave. beginning Thursday, January 14, 2021. Jose Villalobos’s artwork utilizes objects connected to his Norteño culture to challenge toxic masculinity and the marginalization of queer bodies. de los otros continues his […]