Fall 1997 Hudson (Show)Room

Robert Montgomery

  • Fall 1997 Hudson (Show)Room
  • Exhibition Dates: Jul 10,1997 - Oct 12,1997
  • About the artist
  • RMontgomery_HSR_SS_004_cropRobert Montgomery

    Robert Montgomery is part of a generation of young artists raised with a continual stream of marketing imagery. Montgomery and many of his peers are appropriating the language of advertising and popular culture, combining it with a vocabulary of artRead more

About the exhibition

For his exhibit in the Hudson (Show)Room at ArtPace, Montgomery continues his investigations of consumer culture and the aesthetics of minimalism. The sculptural pieces in the shoe make architectural references to generic “loopland” strip-mall landscapes: commercial signage, acoustical ceilings in fast-food restaurants, and anti-theft sensors in retail stores. Visually, the works utilize the style of minimalism’s masters (including Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, and Robert Ryman), yet the resulting works are emotionally charged. Using fluorescent light boxes, neon and tissue paper, Montgomery converts the static nature of commercial icons into active, emotive objects that challenge the viewer to respond to the homogenization of our cultural landscape.